What kind of feeling would your heart produce if you had full control of your life’s relationships, your SUCCESS, and NEVER have to feel out of control of your life again…

“A unique style of handling life’s situations and relationships with people that creates access to developing the kinds of relationships you want, your choice, anytime you want, without hassles of sucking up to people, begging for attention, or depression.”

From personal experience, I know that a person can instantly and easily copy what I live after you understand these simple concepts. If a person knew these secrets they would want to keep it to themselves if it is true, right? Read below to see why I decided to share these simple life changing concepts…

Dear Partner,

How much more in life is better than people coming to you for valuable relationships, and success knocking at your door?  People begging you for your attention and respect? People wanting to meet you no matter for a date, business, or just for fun.

As a matter of fact, there is a much better life. Suppose you could “on call” people directly and continue valuable relationships of success, money, and happiness. Wherever you are no matter the time. Heck, you can do one night stands if you want (but I don’t recommend it) but who am I to judge. These can turn into life time partners or business associates. You name the type of relationship “set-it-up” and you got it. Maybe you want this special life where the world is your playground. Do you ever wonder why some people float about life easily? Do you want the life that gives you fulfillment and people that listen to you when you talk? Let me say it this way; how would your life be if you can architect your outcomes with relationship partners of any type of relationship-on command? Do you doubt this? Are you on the fence about this being true? I don’t blame you one iota for feeling as you do, because if I was in your situation; I would feel the same. These powerful “off the wall” declarations are all %1,000 true…keep reading on and I will prove to you by example because that is the only way we learn.

Do you recall asking yourself things like, ” I am a good person? Why am I not successful or happy?” “Why do people treat me like this?”. Or statements like this “I know I am doing the best I can but life keeps pushing me back. ” I want people in my life who are loyal and wants me as I am.” But only if they got to know me, I could…e.t.c. e.t.c

It’s a known fact it doesn’t work like that. Let’s be real. People are attracted to other people who “attracts people”. They are impelled to feel this powerful “urge” to be around the person who floats. It doesn’t make a difference if that person is good or really  bad, like Adolf Hitler. Also, when you can have the ability to make your potential spouse, business partner, friend feel this “urge” you will be surrounded by them. If not you will walk a lonely way. Plain and simple.

Even the richest, good looking person will walk around life lost, depressed and hopeless if they don’t use this effect Imagine all of the celebrities who commit suicide. Yikes. If you don’t make them have this “urge”, it’s impossible.
If you’re like me you are nowhere near this person. I am Alante’ Adams. In a different group, you might hear me referred to as the “The General” “A-Rock The General” or DJ A-Rock”. I know that most people that are reading this know of me, already. A few may not. If you don’t recall, I am a 5′ 6″ guy who drives a 1998 Nissan Frontier, oh yeah it’s green. I call it the “Green Lizard”. As a contrast to these factors I journey through relationships with people how I want, when I want, and reached my goal of becoming an Engineer and Facilities Manager. I have experienced relationships and done things that the rappers would rap about. The best part is I can teach you how to replicate these results in your personal and professional life. Regardless of any factors you believe are holding you back from living the amazing life.

How come? Because none of those factors really mattered in the first place. After you make a person feel the “urge” that keeps them coming back for more! Then my friend the world will be truly your playground.

People will be desperate to meet you. The opposite sex will fight for your attention. People will come from far and wide to take a part in this feeling you give to people. People will come just to brag about experiencing it. Other people will be envious of your entourage or the people you choose to associate with because you are a limited resource and not a commodity like a bar of soap that you can pick up from a discount store.

What is this “urge”. To lay it down easy, it is a desirable wave and wave of pleasure you provide that makes people want to spend time looking for you. They will do anything for this rare chance with you.  A woman (let’s call her Ashley) said, ” Ooh, you make me feel like a woman!” A college guy associate told me, ” I am finally understanding what you are teaching and it has changed my life” I only did what I have been taught and experienced.

If you make people feel the “urge” how much money, success, and happiness will you have?

Anything you and your heart desire! All of it and More!

How come? Because every single person wants this “urge”. People want a part of it. They love the feeling. People are willing to give up families and their lives to do anything you want; just to be able to quench this “urge”.

Perhaps you know people like that who destroys their whole lives in pursuit of this person they are chasing. Most of the time you say the person was not even worth it! Why do people do these insane things? To lay it down easy, this “low down person” most likely gave them a little sample of this powerful “urge” and they felt it and got high. Just like any drug; they want more and more to get the feeling they first got, but they never reach it from somebody else.

To possess the threshold to control this “urge” is an extraordinary power. If you qualify by have the capacity to understand this simple concept. I’ll guide you step by step to the untold power to make people feel the “urge” to unlock the amazing life you desire. 

This is not a special ability, that is God Given. All people can possess these simple concepts. Nevertheless only a few have fully used the ability. The great news is this can be taught in a step by step process shown by example to even the most awkward person on earth. With all that being said I won’t guarantee success for you. I can only teach you from my firsthand experiences. The onus falls on you to use it. As matter of fact, what I possess to teach you is very powerful.

No doubt what I possess to teach is amazingly powerful. The real question is

Are you prepared and ready to rise to the professional league and tap into the hidden power and make it benefit you?

Hey, before you give your answer. I want you to know that the power to create this “urge” you must be very careful about how you use it. Because people can use this “urge” to hurt someone for a very long time. This concept is very simple to manifest although difficult to handle.

This concept is very simple to manifest although difficult to handle.

Therefore, I make it my passion to help teach those who are qualified by screening them to see if they are learning it to advance and contribute to society. Ensuring that you don’t want the ill feelings of demolishing others lives, but only to create this “urge” for the good.

I see low-down people use it all the time. They have come across a piece of the method and found out how to create this “urge”. Then they go on to demolish others lives. This inconsiderate person, who is trying to get back at past illusions of hurt, is the worst. If you are this person do not continue reading. I think you may need an experienced therapist. I don’t think you are cut out for this knowledge.

Anyway, if perhaps you are the type of person who goes for what they want, by desiring to create the amazing life you want to live by creating the “urge” in people. While also helping the people you care about you might qualify on this basis.

When you use these methods and can make a person feel this “urge”, you will reach your goal. Check it out, it is impossible to explain this simple concept in one little letter; space won’t permit. Let’s look at from my angle, now if you were to imagine the best feeling you have had by reaching a goal, the good walking on air feeling. I want you to quadruple that by hundreds…thousands of times more. Then my friend you might start to grasp the concept of the “urge” feeling when it is fulfilled.

Although you can imagine it if you have the time. Why not just go and experience this “urge” multiple times any time you want, while creating the amazing life? The positive thing about experiencing this “urge” is that you’re not restricted by one goal. The sky is the limit. You can do one big goal if you want to or you may have multiple goals. The point is that is your choice. The main point is…

You will choose your lives outcomes and not be out of control; you choose!

There are tons of people of people out there who are unfulfilled and desperate for a social life plus success. They are so willing to settle for mediocrity.

“Mediocrity is the enemy to greatness” -Anonymous

That my friend is %1,000 true, now and forever. Let me take it one step further the people who are mediocre in relationships with people are perhaps a mediocre person. Because I’ve been there.

Here is my amazing story of how I went from complete contentment for mediocrity, missed rewards, loss of future earnings to denying people who can’t fit into my schedule because it’s just not enough time.

Do you know what mediocrity feels like? For the longest I was that way. I remember in High School when I wanted to start Freshman cornerback. I was told at 5’4″ you will never play varsity for 5A division football team, just give up. So, I set a goal to become a starter for freshman football which I did eventually. Only to witness after the freshman season was over, that other freshman football players went to dress out with the varsity squad (which is a huge privilege). Everyone knows that in high school football, varsity brings you to another level socially, physically and mentally.

I thought it was highly respectable to be content with what I have or set a goal, that looks cool to my peers (the other freshman football players). Outshine my social circle, “stand out in the crowd” “work hard”. The people who moved on to varsity, rather in life or football always said well if that works, why are you mediocre? Also, how come when the varsity players in life set a goal they play varsity and you are only the starter of the freshman squad?

I just couldn’t answer these great questions. Why would the freshman coaches encourage me to be mediocre, but make it seem grand? Why do they invest their time in pushing mediocrity but trying to sell it as great to me?

To tell it like it like it is. I had worked hard, stayed focused, and reached my goal of starting freshman football only. I can’t believe I thought that that was the pinnacle of success. I wanted to start freshman so badly that I stood out from the crowd of teammates, worked hard, and all the above just to start freshman football. That didn’t help but to be a starter on the rookie squad. I wanted to prove people wrong by starting freshman football. 

After freshman year I got to dress up with varsity after all. This is true. I got dressed up as the varsity water boy! That’s right, water boy! Although that is not an amazing title. I was hard working and eager to please. Which amazingly got me to see gladiators in action. They were some giants; some went on to play professional football. This was a hidden opportunity for me. I got to see the perfect example of the methods I will teach you. I got a chance to hang with the winners of life. Actually, they went on to win the 5A state championship. Plus, I got a ring but it says “sports management”. I had great fun experiencing the life with the winners. This taught me a lot on the “urge”. It changed my life forever.

I started exercising properly and got leaner and stronger. Picked up Djing as a side hobby turned business. Got a summer job through my ‘connections’ was living good financially, physically, and spiritually. This built the abilities I need to be able to possess these simple concepts to teach you. I saw glimpses of how the gladiators did it. I applied these concepts and I started Varsity football for a 5A school at 5’6″ as a cornerback. I had the best times of my life Djing and playing football and having this social life I desired. It was a blast.

Then off to college. Well I wanted to go to the Air Force, but a cousin serendipitously drop by my neighborhood and ask me what was my next move? I told him, “I am studying for the ASVAB and was going to the Air Force.” He didn’t object to my logic, but he said, “You even thought about college” I said, ” Yes Louisiana-Tech” He said, ” Have you thought about Grambling.” I said, “No”. That was the day he told me to sign up and I signed up that day. I was getting lucky to find good people, who knew about the “urge” effect.  I thought people that had it, were all gifted or fit the description. Ya know. The results are surprising.

“Pause” At this moment I would like to tell this then I would continue with my story. Do not for one second think that reaching your goals and creating this “urge” that you do it by being this different person or acting exactly like other people. The ones who stumble upon the “urge” effect that are bad, and do terrible things that demolish everything in their path. Low-down people tend to get a glimpse of the method and apply* it and it they use the person but leads them down the wrong path. Which is fake and that is not something I’m interested in being.

*The application phase is when you apply these methods to tap into biological urges that when turned on by a person creates the “urge” in a person. This “urge” can propel you to your dreams. Proper application of this method is the reason you can control your outcomes in life.

Ok back to the story. I signed up for college and got accepted. My cousin introduced me to the concept of a fraternity and sorority of the college life. I instantly noticed that people were dying to get into these mini exclusive little clubs. They made it seem as if it was the ticket to winning in life and having an amazing life too. It was people that treated it as if they “needed to join something to be something”. Although some of my fraternity and sorority friends were hitting on the “urge” some were not. They thought mentally that if they put on the uniform of “fraternity or sorority” it was all they needed to attract the life they wanted. Some fraternity guy’s had the life, but chaos came with it. They were distracted even though they were a part of the crew they were lonely. They wanted popularity but didn’t get what they wanted to be popular for. Hence, they were lost. They thought putting on the uniform of a “Fraternity and sorority” costume was going to propel them higher. It merely created an illusion. They also wasted time pursuing dead ends. Some had the life but chaos left war wounds.

I took careful observation and documentation of this. The idea is brilliant to be able to have the life you want. The chaos that comes with it is not. Most of the time they were going through the motions, but not truly experiencing happiness. I wanted to spend time with the people that made me happy, both a win/win for us both. People that weren’t jealous of me, but created the relationship we needed and wanted.

I tried my hand at this life of the fraternity and sorority, not by joining but watching, observing, and doing things with them. I was able to experience firsthand their methods and strategies to get what they wanted. Some copied others and expected the tactic to rub off on them. Hence, even though they wore the uniform it wasn’t “in” them. They got a hit of the life by contact, but they never truly got a hit. Then I took that and only hung with the top fraternity and sorority people who had the “urge” effect, then we took off. I picked and chose the winners with precision.

Some hit it on but they didn’t know how to “maintain” their success. They could never have the everlasting flow. Because they started back to their old ways thinking that is was their “luck” that create their success and not the “urge” effect. O’ what hubris. They thought it was all their doing and they start, “just chilling”. Then they got cold they were no longer hot. So they fell off. “They were nothing when they came and nothing when they left” They were feeling empty, and lost again.

Now, I took careful note of the people who had the urge and lost it, and who had the urge and maintained the success. I noticed that certain things that I did, attracted the life and certain things I did repelled it. I noticed that if I did “me” things the life went away. I improved on improving by noticing the “urge signals”- the small biological cues people reveal that lets you know when to apply the effect. 

But, I still didn’t piece it altogether just yet. I wanted to have the amazing life without all the drama of my fraternity and sorority friends. Also, I definitely didn’t want an unfulfilling life like the people without the knowledge of the “urge effect”. I desire to meet great people and have great food, fun, and laughter without the drama.

Like Chris Brown said, “Keep it drama free”

I asked my “chosen” mentors how do you set up a relationship until where you make it last if you want” without the painstaking drama in your life?

How do you keep the train rolling in life without falling off the track?

They all explained that most people believe that you have to “stand up and tell the world what you want” or “work hard, play hard”. My mentors laughed at that. They knew that many of the guys and girls who believed all of that are confused and have tons of drama, break-ups, and heart aches from betrayals also not to forget confusion. They were not even on the same track perhaps the same train with the people in their lives.

They went on to explain most will go on to marry but they will fail. I asked, “how come?” They all would respond because they started off good, doesn’t mean they will continue to maintain it, and take it to the next level. One mentor said see you first launch the plan, which it takes a lot of energy but everybody has the energy to launch usually because they are really happy in the moment. But once it’s in the air they want to put it on auto-pilot, without reaching the proper altitude, yet. I thought about this deeply.

I finally see why some people can be happy one year, then want to kill each other next year. Why some people start diets and don’t finish and why at New Years everyone is launching but by the end of the year they don’t make it. Get it they crash and burn.

I took note of this too. I said okay my studies of the “urge” will go to the back of my mind. Because I’m going to be an Engineer which requires a lot of research so I needed tunnel vision. Boy, was I wrong my mentors “challenged” me to run for Freshman Class President. This is where I had to become a master of the “urge” effect. This is where I honed my skills and polish my abilities. Real leadership maneuvers.

I loved every second of it.

I ran a campaign, and I won because ” I didn’t give up”. This time I am really focused on my job as Class President. I was so entrenched in my duties that I was able to get out of my comfort zone lead successful class events, to help students, have fun, and all the relationship I wanted without drama. It really clicked for me. I ignored a lot of ‘distractions’ and got all I really wanted from the role and life.

The life came to be like a strong wind. My breeze was flowing, I was feeling it, but I was focused on my role, not the “urge effect” like I studied. It was in me and not on me. Felt like I got bite by a spider and I turned to spider man. I was comfortable in my own skin.

I took careful note of this too. (I can’t put down my pen). I decided I wanted to run for Class President another year just to see if I can maintain it. This is where I used the “urge affect” in full motion because my mentors challenged me to win big. I blew out my campaign competition by %97.5 of the votes. I wanted to see if I can duplicate these results and I did. I took ‘action’ and lived the amazing life. Some people I had to fire which was tough but since they knew me, it wasn’t any hard feelings. Actually, they were grateful that I fired them because they went on to do what they really wanted.

I took note of this too. I started to learn more. I learned also that this “urge effect” can be taught to other people both men and women. I tried and others have tried it and it works.

Well, my engineering passion took over and I stop playing the popularity circus of politics on that level, anyway. I started to maintain my own business pro bono. I started to see the power of people being upfront and how we can have passionate like minded relationships that help me achieve my goals and theirs.

This is the way life supposed to be-Lil Wayne

Again, I also took note of this. I was getting clarity on how to manufacture the outcomes I wanted in life and my relationships. Ya know, where you get the feelings of joy, peace and serenity.

I thought I was finally on the way, then I had I huge break up. That crush my hurt into four. I was disappointed, heartbroken, you name it. Here I am thinking I was on the way to keeping things drama free. We truly had different goals.

She was an interesting person to meet. Hey if you know me personally you probably know the story. We both were applying the “urge effect”. I was high on life and winning. This reality broke my heart. I didn’t bicker or complain. Because I know the relationship won’t work because we have different goals in life.

This horrific pain is a great gift to me it is like the hidden water boy opportunity to varsity.

Do you want to know how this pain led to something positive? I revised the bits of notes from my past conundrums and got the answer on the head. I learned why this “urge effect” really works. It all made perfect sense. Unlike the loser who doesn’t get what they want and whines, pout and complain I learned from winners that’s not what we do. I didn’t become mad at reality. I was mad at myself because I could have avoided the unnecessary disappointment by applying what I will teach you.

She introduced me to her world of friends and support like I could never have imagined.  If I wouldn’t have learned these concepts I would be down and bitter and not be propel to teach you my system.

I know you would like to know this. Open your mind to this, meeting the person of your dreams, but It doesn’t end in hate, and bitterness, but having a partner with no hard feelings. They will always call you the best ever and know and will brag to their friends.

Wouldn’t you like to know how to do that? I can teach you how to architect the relationships you have in your life, how you want with the people you choose. One key to living the amazing life is selecting your intimate relationship because it plays a vital role in your life. I needed to learn this final lessons to teach. It is my duty to spread this to people who desire to win. I have researched tons of books and interviewed tons of winners and losers in life. I have compiled 5 little secrets that will allow you to architect your life goals and relationships. I will tell you about this now. Are you ready? Sounds like a plan? Ok, let’s take off…

Secret #1 Conquering the Myth-People who are winning in life are not just “lucky”

The story is the same, time after time. As people go about life, regardless of the circumstance. They attribute achieving a goal to them being “lucky” or “blessed”. When they are lonely, lost and depressed, they ask why God? When they are losing in life they say it is the “devil”.

Check this out, imagine not sitting around waiting on the life you want to “appear”. How would it be for you to at the drop of hat, get it to “appear”. How amazing would that be for you?

I’m here to tell you can leverage your life, using networking, fitness, and finance, and your dreams can be had with this easy to use outcome generating step by step process. I know you have been told from young about the “whisk me away” drama that you get what want you at the end of the movie, and it’s the same in life. The reality is theirs is a certain “algorithm” that is in each and every individual that control the interacting underlying dynamics. But the world is trying to destroy the truth, by telling you foolishness about Fitness, networking, and finances. Even with all the media frenzy of the whisk me away phenomena the truth is still in control. The truth will set you free. When you understand this “algorithm” you will be able to tap into it. Nobody can’t do anything without it. It is as important as life and death to everyone.

Check out what you see on the televisions every day. People who are at the top are creating shows around other people. They are “setting the community”. We are no different, this is why we are interested in people because we are social creatures. That is why people watch celebrities and worship them. The world is trying to repress this personality of yours and make you feel guilty for being “you”. In the real world, everybody is shy and anxious and awkward they don’t know the “algorithm”.

But it is not talked about in the media but worshipped. The celebrities keep it from you, the “truth”. Why would KFC give up its recipe? Think about it. It is the reason they are at the top. They don’t want to talk about it because it is too powerful, the people with the secret of the “algorithm” keeps it away because the less people that understand it the more they keep being the winners and others the losers. With this “algorithm” you can create the life you want “on demand”.

Look, when I was “developing” by taking notes to understand this “truth”, I was and I am still a careful student of what makes others win or not. I practice doing things that work by disregarding the faulty things. Certain things I did got me “amazing” results over and over. Until finally I came to the solution by doing a certain “series” of actions it opened me up to the powerful stimulating feeling you get when you are at peace and comfortable in your own skin. This helps me and other people avoid the depression, pain, and disappointments in life.

Look at the way it naturally is. Nature is so brilliant that it doesn’t struggle to let the rivers flow and the birds play delightfully. You are not supposed to be down, depressed, and regretful of your life. You are supposed to be cherishing the abundance that life has to offer. These concepts of being down, lost,  and depressed are all the society thinks you should be all the time. If you are not at the top or fit the description the right zip code or what have you.

This “algorithm” won’t knock the theme of the “whisk me away” culture, no doubt. It actually compliments it, because understanding what the people at the top are doing you can replicate instead of hoping to get “lucky”. You can make it happen. Plain and simple.

Secret #2 How to architect your “program” to leverage the life you want, twofold that puts you in “charge of your life.”

You see, comprehension of the “algorithm” is not the only part, that will bring you the amazing life. The power is in its application, to the actual practical world you live in, with all its “illusionary” boundaries.

See the winners in life are usually the football players, cheerleaders, and the rich, right? They are winning, at the ‘moment’ in life. After it is gone, the people or success leave, right? When some people do certain things, the riches or happiness always stay or come back.

You don’t get to win at life by understanding alone!

Think about this for a second. The person who reads all the time don’t necessarily win, at life. The person who “chase” their dream or worst “chase” checks don’t win. Even in the animal world, it is the animal or person with the “instinct” to go and get it.

Today’s society has reversed the rules, they cherish the person who can remember all kinds of random information. Think about the shows, like “Are you smarter than a fifth grader” and stuff. Society values a human encyclopedia. It is made that certain people are interested in certain things but society says you need to know about the names of all the presidents! For what? The people who got the “instinct” get with they want. All people have “instincts” but society is beating it out of you. Does the average bad person, always “fit in?”

No damn way- they do what they want in the world and stand out amongst everyone. Now because they are “losers” they are low-down people. The drama creates a great “stir” in society. They most likely only knew a small sample of the “algorithm” NOT the whole thing. Perhaps they would probably be called “role models” and “leaders”, e.t.c  Please don’t get the wrong idea of being a bad person to win because it is NOT the answer.  Some of the things they tap into wakes up the world from time to time.

Well how is this relevant to you? Don’t forget that you are part of this world and living in it, if you are reading this right now. You are breathing so you must deal with these affects. However once you understand the “algorithm” and know that the understanding alone won’t get you there, you can architect your personal  “program” to win.

“Personal programs” are easy to follow steps, that enhances your abilities to have the opportunity to activate the application phase to the point where you get what you want in life.

Putting this into practice is a breeze only if you know what indicators to check for, and how to architect the blueprint for all circumstances. Life’s opportunities happen every day, in all circumstances all the time. You just need to know what to look for to capture the moment. Like the saying goes, ” Hit it while the iron is hot”. This works no matter, your age, finances, or looks.

As long as your a human, and can observe the circumstances to leverage the opportunity

After you achieve this, you can live the amazing life. You know what I am passionate about? I am passionate about doing good in the world and helping others like the underdog. Ya know. I am passionate about taking this knowledge to the people who wear the “uniform” of cars, clothes and money. I show them I can get it without all of that and more. I get a piece of the pie while they’re second guessing their mortgages, and auto loans. Some people watch it from the window, but if feels good to be really involved in it.

I am passionate about doing that—they hate my guts, they were no match when I injected life into the world by applying these concepts and getting the things I wanted. They just don’t “get it”. They are working their lives for things, to impress people that don’t care, because people will only care first, and last about the “urge” effect.

Can you think of people you’d be energized to “one up”. From personal experience this is no better feeling than living the amazing life as revenge. Them watching you live the amazing life and reaching the state of happiness. After you understand how to design your “personal program”, you can do this at will. It’s no fun anymore to “one up” others that is when I was developing, no I do it for me, now.

I know, I would rather be investing my life into things I believe are “amazing” I let it guide me like the North Star. Once you know how to do this the people in your life that are “worthy”, will want to hop in your …(whatever vehicle you have). All the people that are “house-poor” would be put to shame. They are in the rat race, chasing checks, unhappy, trying to impress somebody who don’t care. You can have this also after you tap into the powers yourself.

Secret #3 How to create the life you want, that is on “automatic”

Diving into this secret is when you have unequivocal power and domination of your world and the people that’s in it. This is not just when you first get it you keep it and plus automate it. See you can’t be satisfied with the beginning, anybody can luckily start something, but can they maintain and automate it?

You’ve probably had some success, you can remember yourself achieving something because you had a deadline to reach and got it done, with energy that came from nowhere. Then the next thing you know you lose the momentum, the results didn’t end like you wanted it to. What is the cause of this conundrum? The answer is obvious ” you ignored the “urge” effect that got you there in the first place, and the results showed. That beginning stage crashed and burned, the automation systems weren’t working.

To get what you want in life you got to have the “instinct” it is not like school where you regurgitate information, and lo’ and behold open up sesame. No! The instant the “instinct” is ignored you lose your fingertip feel. Lights out. You might think not tuning in sometimes is minor, but that is all it takes. It’s either two ways you can win. Keep applying the things that works and sustains the winning or don’t and lose your Midas touch.

Let me give you an example: in your life did you ever ask for something from you parents and they said, “no”, but you eventually got it? This is because you activated something that triggered this small victory. Sometimes you even risk a thrashing because when some parents say “no” they mean it. Oh, the spirit of a child.

See if parents just said yes initially, she would have seemed like “a pushover” especially to your other siblings. In the world today being a pushover is bad. The parent might risk you going crazy and wanting everything in the store, or worst getting what you want anytime you want. Like eating candy for dinner who knows. And sometimes you can get them to say yes by being a pest, but they never follow through. How come? Have you known how to apply the “urge” effect you would have gone to get what you want from them anytime…. it’s just the way it is.

If you are going to have that initiative as a child, go and get it, you can “automate, your success. But somewhere along your development you lost the “oomph” that it takes to get there. Because society and the media has brainwashed us that “no” means it’s final.

Even a bad person can get this far. By chance they the use a little step or two from the “personal program” to get what they want. The after effects of the chaos in their life always leaves them without true joy. They never know what do after, their life is a stressful one.

How many negative people do you know who live the amazing life? Most if they get that life, don’t even know what they have because the people that are in their life is in it to take from them only but they don’t recognize that. Their life is filled with poisonous drama, that they never truly enjoy it.

See life has a lot to offer besides, instant gratification seeking stuff. When you know how to use the “pro-creators” you can have something that is better, you create something that you can always use, and never hurt you. This you can trust. You can get that without being this low down person too. Don’t be this get it now person, and whine when you don’t understand.

How do you keep the baby without throwing it out with the bath water? You want the amazing life without the chaos. Which is…

Secret #4 Putting life through your quiz

Let me cut to the chase. Not everybody is out to help you. Some people are ruthless, conniving and low down. I’m telling you it seems like some people are out to manipulate you and destroy you if you let them. If you don’t watch them they will steal the wheels off your plane before you take off.

I have seen people get hurt because they were lied to. I know people that have been encouraged by their parents to do certain careers and they aren’t happy. It takes people a lifetime to realize they have been living somebody else’s life. Sometimes it is too late.

People’s words can blind you to be puffed up but their praise is not helping you. It is only a swelling balloon waiting to get popped. They will call you and focus on you. Study you just to see what you are doing. Beware of the person that wants to be just like you. Then they are in bad situations, like envy and jealousy because they wanted to be “you”.

Here is the thing, I would have known to avoid that person from the first couple of minutes of their conversation. If they praise you, try to copy you, they are only being a fake you. Which is counterfeit. When you switch up they get mad because they can’t keep up. I hear stories like this all the time that end badly. No matter how flattered you are avoid certain people in your life.

The focus of my system is to weed out unqualified people or goals, that you truly don’t want in your life. I have in my “personal program” ways to ask specific questions to determine if this person or goal is “worthy” of the time. By observing these responses you could determine if it is going to bring chaos or not. The reason why I am living the amazing life is because I cut out the “second string” people.

Some people can be the best associates, but not be partners. All people are not all supposed to be in your life permanently. Some must be acquaintances. If they don’t fit they must quit. Let them know, up front. No whining or dining here.

Enjoyment life with no Headache-This is the way to go!

Many people believe that because something is working at the moment it is a “forever thing”. They use the wrong energy on the wrong type of situation. This could be a short-term project using long-term energy. This will waste tons of energy. You have to recognize the right situation and dedicated the right mental energies to it. To make it fit like a glove. The things that make the short-term work is different for what makes the long-term projects work.

If you want to eat the cake of the amazing life, you must dodge the poison like the plaque. You got to know that from the outset you determine the type of relationship you want, any situation and create the outcome. Most people come into situations biased with preconceived notions that leave them blinded and in disappointment after.

You don’t have to go this route like most people. By knowing what to ask yourself and people you can truly have your way with “a few simple questions”. This is what most people, miss.

Secret #5 Achieving your outcome, plain and simple. Getting what you want and more!

In life you have the person, that puts on the workout clothes, gathers the playlist, only to sit around and “watch” others or take a slow walk. They use all of the energy to watch others or walk. What’s the difference, you will be on the same level you started out on. You will be still the SAME.

The point I’m making is if you’re going to get prepared to go out and do something, make sure you do it big and TRANSFORM to something better. No matter the gear you are wearing and how fly it makes you “look” if you are not reaching your fitness goals, you are an unproductive person.

This is exactly how life is. No matter how your “uniform” is, it won’t get you better if you can’t reach your goal. This will put you in a lifetime, of puffing up like a blue fish for nothing. If you don’t know how to achieve your outcome you will live in regret.

What am I saying about achieving your outcome? It means closing the deal, like a boss. It is up to you, what you want, just get it.

To cut to the chase it means getting without having to go through all the loops people play, and the loops you create for yourself unnecessarily. See the fact is if you don’t reach your goals now you won’t get them. Because the reason you are waiting now is temporary another reason will be waiting on standby to replace the one currently when it is no longer valid. Hate or love it this is why people don’t win because they are not living the amazing life, now! They just are existing sucking up air.

As people we all know how disappointment feels when you keep being disappointed-sick and tired of being sick and tired, yet?

Man I tell you from my developmental phase I thought I knew these secrets, but time and time again every time I didn’t live the concepts in my “personal program”, life gave me a spanking, and everybody knows life doesn’t play. When I didn’t do it, somebody else got the prize. Plain and simple. The world is waiting for you to give to it whatever you bring if you don’t deliver you are a choke.

You only get one shot do not miss your chance to blow because opportunity comes once in a lifetime-Eminem

When I started to get what I wanted relatively quickly, I seen firsthand what it means to get an overabundance. I was at the top and I had more. Everyone else was at the bottom with all the competition. I got respect, better health, and financially was straight. Why because I started to give what I had to the world and it opened up.

Listen up to this as I write it down. This is life changing what I am about to say. People are made to want to help you win, once they know you are a winner. It makes them feel better-being associated with you. All their doubts disappear into oblivion when they know you are the truth. They are your #1 fans rooting for you to win. Everybody is a born winner, but society beats it out of them.

Perhaps, you had a time when you were really into something, and you lost the idea or the creativity to add value to your work or project. You did great at first, but you were no longer creative. Once you put it down you couldn’t keep the ball rolling. You wonder why life was going well in the ‘moment’ you start to do things, right. Then you start to second guess this momentum, and you drop the ball? Why is it when you start to roll you drop the ball? It is very confusing, right? You ask yourself why can’t I have the Midas touch forever?

Remember though, that if you don’t achieve your outcome, your energy is gone forever. The world of people subconsciously recognizes this and distances themselves from you. Like B.B Kings say, “the thrill is gone”.

From everybody else looking in it makes perfect sense.

I am not saying you have to win every time. No, heck no. Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. You win for underlying reason and lose because of the same. Perhaps born winners that use their “instincts” do and study losing projects just to see why it didn’t work, to tweak it.

When you find out why you lost, you know the “why” behind it and you then you can achieve your outcome. It teaches you that you can do, victory whenever you decide now. That’s it, it shows that you are a winner, then people will see it in you, not on you. This is the final phase in the process. It will build back your “instinct” to win, it is already in you it is just repressed by society.

When I speak of achieving your outcome, I don’t mean by any means like people who hold guns to people ribs and hit them with a stick. I am talking finesse my brother, my sister. This will be a natural byproduct of the process you used. You must just follow through. What is any sport with a proper follow through? You have to keep an eye on the movement after. They don’t achieve their outcome because they don’t follow-through. When they try to follow through, weakly but don’t finish strong they lose their momentum for the next obstacle.

How will you put the secrets to use for you? I’ve been telling you that I have a “personal program” for you that is the truth that will set you free.

It is the truth the media and winners don’t want to let you in on.

The best part is I decide to share how to design your “personal program” for a limited time, only for qualified people. The following is presented simply in the amazing personal program”

 • How to turn on the executive in you to fire the wrong people that won’t help you reach your goals (this is where most people fail, usually end up having done nothing and living with regret).
• How to avoid painful disappointments, again.
• The magnificent, ” trenches secret” this directly activates what makes you a winner, and gives you Spider-Man abilities, like a sixth sense to get what you want.
• On target tactics to use to find the “right people” to induce leverage to win at life at the (bank, park gym) anywhere and come to you.
• How to watch out for the test of life and be prepared to pass with flying colors. This is where you get the inside scoop of when life is testing you. This where you learn that everything is a test, and why.
• Do you have a dream, you want, “now”? Or maybe it is a fantasy or day dream. You can have, here I let you know what it takes to get it (step by step).
• Do you have somebody you want to get back into your life? I will tell if it is worth it and help you discover a method to protect your mind from them getting back into your life if not.
• How to meet people that add value to your life. This where you find and locate the “challengers”. I will show you how to interest them and keep them hooked.
• How to avoid the “dream-killers” and how to see the coming a mile away? How do you screen them out to discourage them from coming in the first place? (And how to use a secret to block them out”)
• How to walk into a place and command attention? I will show what you need in order to have people turning their heads, and it’s not jewelry.
• How to get the best revenge by living well, and taking over your doubters? I will reveal to you Jedi-mind philosophy to empower you to command respect, at will.
• Achieve your outcome get what you want, anytime, anywhere and leave leftovers if you want.
• How to create the winning social media profile that adds value to your winning streak.
• How to get fit in your life, build a lean body and shred fat, to win. Winning workout strategies that the losers are scared to even try. They are lost.
• How to efficiently stick to a workout program, that kicks fat butt.
• How to create the perfect “body” without taking pills, or getting ugly surgeries, I can show you the plan to do it and the mindset to have.
• Do you hate it, “when you are broke?” Reveal to you ways to make money doing what you love.
• How to live financially by business winning deals and increasing. Tell you how to think like the rich and move like the rich on your journey to becoming rich, in your own way.
• Are you tired of procrastinating? Here I reveal to how you can overcome and attack your dreams.
• How to get all the support you need, here is where I teach how to develop and build your team by observation and “clicking”
• Do you need that dream job here is where I teach how to get your dream job in 100 days. This step by step procedure will have you living it up.
• Do you know yourself? Tips to help discover who you are, by highly revealing test, beware of what you find out, it will change your life.
• What is the secret to solving your life’s problems? A systematic way of looking at your problems that teach you how to approach them to get it solved.
• How to avoid ever quitting your dream again? Ways to keep you self-motivated, by one simple tactic.
• Are you frustrated at missed opportunities? I reveal what to do to take advantage of it in the future so you won’t miss out again!
• Are you lacking in the confidence department? I will show you things you can do to instantly uptake your confidence level to achieve the amazing life.
• Are you introverted? Are you not comfortable talking to people? I can show you how to instantly be more social, believe me it’s the best skill you can acquire.
• Are you scared to approach things and confront stuff, that needs to be confronted? I will show you how to attract situations with confidence and charisma to solve real world problems that are obstacles to the amazing life.

And there is much much more…there is no way I can tell you everything that’s pack into the above secrets on just one letter. This is only a small portion of what’s inside.

Hey, I know you’re wondering, how can you learn all these secrets yourself and use it to benefit your life? And what special opportunity you do have to be one of the few people to take advantage of the limited time “personal program”. I’m glad you asked. I have been really contemplating rather or not if I should reveal these secrets that only a few are praised to have in possession. I was wondering that if I released these secrets it might get into the wrong hands and destroy other people’s lives because this is some powerful artillery to put in the wrong hands.

I’ve decided after careful consideration, to use only to try it out, for a limited time only through my site. I’ve consulted with people asking them if I should reveal this powerful knowledge. If this test trial work, I will release this information publicly. I want to warn these tips I have are from prostitutes, drug addicts, strippers, to pastors, to executives, and managers. Knowledge is power. It is available to anyone who uses it.

A professor told me, a person who is smarter by having more knowledge than you have advantage plain and simple” I believe I should give people an advantage that wants to win. I feel it is my duty to help other, to win.

My father told me, ” these secrets you have must be passed down to someone else” as an obedient son I will share, what I was fortunate to experience and learn.

This really made me dedicate my life to helping others live the amazing life. I took my dad’s advice and I have compiled my “personal program” to fit anyone and give you the essentials to win at life. Rather, you want to be fit, have money, or have the spouse of your dream. This is the perfect program. Rather you need it for the short-term or the long-term it will be your guide when you need it. This amazing program is all you will ever need.

Ok, let me answer some questions from you, that you may have.

I want to live the amazing life. What do I do?

My program is designed to teach you how to make things happen in your personal life, it is your job to take action use it and make it happen. Because a lot of people use this and get what they want and their wants may change over time so what I teach can help you at any stage.

Can these secrets possibly hurt people?

Like I said, knowledge is neutral just like anything else it can be used in the worst way. When using knowledge you can hurt people and don’t know it. With great power like knowledge comes great responsibilities. By perhaps offering this knowledge it can be used wrong, but my daddy always taught me morals. Look either you take action or wait on life to just “appear” it’s your choice. the choice is yours you have to live our own life.

I am a musician can this program help me?

I have trained, dated, people in the music business. I have lived music and art. You name it. Any performance art person can benefit from this material. I will show you how to brand yourself, and win fans, and ultimately make a living. How to find time to write, build creativity, and get over performance anxiety.

I just want to lose my belly, everything else is fine, can you get that fit?

Of course, I know exactly what you need to do to shred fat, and it’s most likely not what you think. This is why most people can “lose” in this one area.

I can really start stuff but I can’t stay with it long enough to finish it, what to do?

A lot of people start a piece of art, book, workout, diets you name it. But they never know the secrets. The things to do to keep themselves in the game forever. I will let you in on powerful tips that will drive you forward when you feel like giving up.

Where I’m from it’s not even that many people see I live in the country, this can’t work?

Most people are ashamed of their small town. They think they need to go to the big city to get big. They overlook all the gold in their own backyard. I will show you how you tap into your own backyard before you go off snooping into somebody else’s. I will reveal to you why your backyard is probably the best to start.

What’s your take on getting the significant other of your dreams?

This is by far the most important part because many people chose the wrong partners to be with it and destroy each other lives. If you don’t have this relationship together, which is the second phase the third phase can’t take place. I will explain to you the phases so that you can know where you at and refer to that section of the program.

All of this sounds awesome I am just shy?

This will help you overcome your “shyness”. I will reveal to you what that word that word means to your life, and how it will change your life with a few quick things you can do to improve and live the amazing life. 

Recall that my “personal program” isn’t just about fitness, finance, and relationships. It is especially about avoiding headache, chaos, and disappointment in your future life.

Now let’s examine this tonnage of knowledge if you reach the requirements for the basic personal program or mega program:

“The essential Live the amazing life untold success program” You will receive downloadable videos of complete detail oriented steps, that will give the abilities to live the amazing life-drama free.

Here is a snapshot of what’s packed into these “thrilling, funny, insightful video downloads: 

• Guide on how to “learn” and use this powerful material for fast efficient use.
• Insight on how to build Mega confidence to win.
• How to get the body you want.
• Choose your team with precision, and avoid the losers.
• How to structure your relationships, to maintain-to help you win.
How to talk, you may not know if you voice annoying. Look up Voice Coach it’s a true profession.
• The terrific secret of less $50.00 party.
• How to throw the best party?
• How to network?

The all purpose “Social Mirror  Strategy”. It has been said, many of times over that you got to choose the right people in your life, to win. This will teach the specific strategies you need to be on top. Beware of the jealousy but if I was you I would wear it as a badge of honor. These methods revealed will easily put you on top of the food chain where you have an abundance of enjoyment. You will learn to attract people to you, make money, get the job you want, and much much more.

Within the Social Mirror Strategy I will review what has been covered quickly to review what’s you need to know before you take action. I also include “What not to do” so that can’t hold you back.

Incredible Free Gifts!

Free Gift # 1: Shape up or shape out with Helen Ayim, video download. Well in order to live the amazing life you have to have the mindset, to get the body your heart desires when you are comfortable in your skin, it will be a lot easier to win. You’ll enjoy Helen lovely personality and work ethic.

Free Gift # 2 : What not to do. I can tell you the things you must avoid. Because if I don’t go off, into examples of what never to do you can be committing the sins that won’t bring you to victory. This will open your mind to let you know like a personal assistant when your business isn’t working. It tells you when you need to check yourself.

Free Gift # 3: Quick Summary of Program. This is when you need a quick review before you take action, it is tons of lessons in this package, you will want to review. It tells you what sections to go to when you need inspiration. 

  Are you ready to become a winner and step up your life to amazing?

Yes, well you can snatch up the “essential live the amazing life of the untold success program.” This is what you experience when you select this mega choice:

The essential live the amazing life of the untold fortunes program: You get all the benefits above plus on top of that you will possess…

The all purpose “Social Mirror Strategy”. It has been said, many of times over that you got to choose the right people in your life, to win. This will teach the specific strategies you need to be on top. Beware of the jealousy but if I was you I would wear it as a badge of honor. These methods revealed will easily put you on top of the food chain where you have an abundance of enjoyment. You will learn to attract people to you, make money, get the job you want, and much much more.

Supreme Free Gift #1: “Very Small Talk”. Have you ever been lost for words, when it comes networking, dating, just talking to people? Well, you can forget about that this, I will show you the power of having a very small talk and the benefits, will open your world to untold fortunes.

Supreme Free Gift #2: Tell Lie-Visions (Television) What I will reveal to you will propel you forward to true victory. I will show all the hideous and the beauty of the television, and why knowing this will set you free.

Supreme Free Gift #3: Summary of Social Mirror Strategy. Here is where I review what has been covered quickly to review what’s you need to know before you take action. I also include “What not to do” so that can’t hold you back.

Supreme Free Gift #4:   One full month free of life coaching through email consultation. Hey, this service is $300.00 per month for the life Coaching consulting, time is very valuable. As a gift for your investment in the mega program, I will provide you one full month free. Any question you have we’re answering it.

Supreme Free Gift #5: One full month of Wellness Free. We have the specific fitness assessment you need to help you reach your fitness goals quicker. Face it, my brothers and sisters how you appear is how you’re judged. I can enhance your body to get access to the amazing life through certain exercises and nutrition I will show up, step by step. To have a personal trainer can cost you over $1, 000 per month. You get this service for free for a month with the investment.

Snap! This is tons of knowledge. How much is this powerful stuff is going to cost me? Scratch your mind away from the cost perspective, look at this as an investment for a lifetime. To get the body you want, the money you need, and powerful relationships for a lifetime. A person told me they would pay 
         2.5 million for this knowledge.


No way I’m going to sell this for 2.5 million bucks, my intent is to give back by helping. Heck, I found these principles here in the world, I am just the messenger and I used it and it worked. This is my way of giving back. This program will save a million dollars worth of regrets that’s what I do know. Maybe more. This program will NOT cost you a million. Neither one hundred thousand not even eight thousand dollars (although I know people that will spend that much, to listen to this powerful stuff in a week with me).